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Are Viet Girls Right for You?

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One day you'll be sitting there thinking about South East Asian women. Most single guys' minds eventually think whether a girl from Vietnam might be a good choice, for them. This might be to find an Asian friend or lover. Maybe a Vietnamese girlfriend or bride, if you're thinking long term.

We've spent time of this ourselves. A Vietnam girl is perfect for most single foreigners. Western guys tend to crave petite olive-skinned women who are gentle by nature. Since most Vietnam girls rarely get the opportunity to interact with foreigners, they will have a healthy interest in meeting you. For them it might lead, hopefully, to dating or more. Let me explain further.

Why Would You want a Vietnamese Girl Anyway?

As you can see from the photo above, Viet girls come in all shapes and sizes.

They are so just cute and sensual.

  • Women in Vietnam naturally look after their men.
    • They make great mothers and even better girlfriends. You'll never understand what it feels like to be a man until you've been pampered and taken care of, with an Asian girlfriend.
    • They usually come from large families, so they know male psychology before you even contact them. That means careful of your ego BS.
  • Natural Asian Beauty
    • All Vietnamese are mixed in some form. There are 54 ethnic groups there. There's also the French and US invasions, resulting in Vietnamese women with western and eastern features. This all makes for some really good-looking women.
      • East Asian pale white skin
      • East Asian petite nose
      • East Asian silky straight hair
      • Southeast Asian huge double-lid eyes
      • Southeast Asian small stature
      • Southeast Asian tanned dark skin
    • They're influenced heavily by the beauty mindset of Thailand, Chinese, Japanese and especially Korea. Most Vietnamese girls are very mindful about what the others think about their appearance. Probably why they always want to be beautiful all the times - Great news for you.
  • Submissive traits.
    • Historically, Vietnamese women were tied to the Confucius rule of obedience: at home, obey the father; married, obey the husband; after the husband’s death, obey the son/s.
    • Modern day Viet women are finding their feet in active roles in society. The submissiveness in their character is still very much part of who they are and an alluring quality for many foreigners.
  • They love their country.
    • A woman who loves her country makes for the best travel companion. If they have time and you're providing the means with which they can do it. Which you will be, yes?

Vietnam is the go-to destination for many foreign guys who are looking for Asian female friends.

Are Vietnamese Women Accessible To Me?

Yes is the short answer. But you need to know where and how to look.

With a population of 97 million and an average age of 31 years, your opportunity of attracting a young Vietnamese girl is high, compared to most other countries.

And the smartphone usage continues to grow at a healthy pace, currently at 36 million users. Since 70% of that usage involves listening to music and taking photos, we can conclude the majority are younger people (many young women!).

Can They Access Me as Well?

The English language is mandatory in Vietnamese primary schools. Vietnam has a major initiative for all young people to have a good grasp of English by 2020. This is great for the country's Global economic growth. It is also exceptional news for travelers looking for girls who have a grasp on English. Plus there's also Google Translate.

Having a large smartphone base makes dating online so much easier for Viet girls to look outside the square of only Vietnamese guys. Viet guys have a reputation of being tough and rough on their girls.

So you've got both curiosity of English-speaking foreigners and wanting to try a non-Vietnamese companion which is driving more and more Vietnamese women to experiment with dating websites.

Can I Trust a Viet Woman?

First off, you need to be careful who you trust wherever you go, in life. Vietnam is no different.

Vietnamese are some of the most traditional family-centric women in S/E Asia, except maybe for China. So their eventual main focus is on marriage and children. These traditional female values form a basis of trust but obviously you need to tread carefully and listen to your gut-feelings.

Don't fall in love with the first Viet girl you meet. There's millions of others out there. We know many foreigners bouncing off a previous bad Western relationship falling for the first girl they meet when getting off the plane in Vietnam. In reality, the chances are high that girl isn't 'the one' but more a crutch.

What are some Red Flags?

  • If a Vietnamese girl talks about of money
    • this is a big red flag. Is she interested in you or what you've got in your wallet?
  • If they want to have sex after the first date
    • If you're actually after a prostitute then cool for you and go for it
    • A good girl should resist your sexual advances for at least 3 dates and you shouldn't push it either
  • If she smokes or has tattoos this 'usually' suggests she's got an unfavorable past

But those are just flags. We've meet tattooed Vietnamese girls who smoke and they turn out to be wonderfully fun and energetic companions.

The point is take your time, date a few VN girls and start to understand how they operate. Build up your own checklist of turn-ons and turn-offs and develop your gut instincts. Girls in Vietnam might just be what the doctor ordered.

What's the Easiest Way to Date in Vietnam?

Starting is Easy.

  • Before you do anything - look through your selfie photos.
    • You want to choose at least a few clear headshot pics of just you.
    • Done that? OK, next ....
  • Complete the short Join form to get a basic dating profile started.
  • Now add those photos so girls can see you.
    • This is important.
    • Don't think that Viet girls are going to jump at your empty profile just because you're a foreigner. They won't. And you need to put in some effort - just like real life.
  • Edit your profile and start specifying the type of girls you're wanting to match with.
  • Now you can start browsing profiles.
    • There are pre-canned messages provided, to get you started.

Rinse and repeat.

Vietnamese women are wanting to make new friends or start a new relationship with foreign guys.

Vietnam is known as one of the world's most popular destinations for Western travelers. The women there are second to none in South East Asia.

Best of luck and enjoy the site.