About You and Us

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You want an online dating site that is easy to use, protects you and makes it simple to find someone, whether for friends, dating or a relationship.

You've come to the right place.

Our mission

We’re here to unleash a better designed, safer and faster way of dating, for Western men and Eastern women.

Our story

We’re obsessed with making dating better for people.

Back in 2014, online dating websites were cumbersome, slow and not user friendly, at all. Some are still the same.

Since our team were single and dating, like you, we wanted to change that experience.

So we’re building a home for all your dating needs. A better way to protect you and faster to connect and start making new friends. The right features that maximize speed-dating and minimize distraction.

So you can focus on what matters - dating or finding new friends.

VietnamRomances.com is one of the fastest growing online Vietnamese dating websites for matching Vietnamese girls and western men. We are based in Vietnam. We aren’t a Vietnamese dating agency either. We specialise in online matching for Vietnamese ladies from many locations in the beautiful country that is Vietnam.

We make it easy to find a Vietnamese girlfriend or western boyfriend.

Find new friends or start a new relationship, today!

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